What We Do

(a) Monthly interactive meetings
One of the important activities of BWD is the monthly interaction amongst the women groups based in Delhi on various issues such as women rights, human rights, refugee rights, democracy, health, economic and social development etc.

(b) Intervention in VAW (Violence Against Women) cases
As BWD grew with their activities, many women who are victims of violence from within the community started approaching BWD for help. In such situation, it became impossible to turn away. Slowly, BWD got involved with violence against women cases. One didn’t realize how much Burmese women are suffering within the community from the hands of the family members and also from the Indian community as well.

In the past 8 months (April to November 2009), BWD have assisted 22 women who are victims of violence within the community as well as from outside the community.

(c) Workshop on women under militarization.
In India, inspite of being a democratic country has draconian laws such as AFSP in the Northeast and Kashmir region. The women in these regions have suffered greatly yet they have been successful to a large extent in resisting the state sanctioned violence. And also played a very important role in bringing about peace with different groups as when conflict arose. The Burmese women have lots to learn from the women of NE and Kashmir, their experiences, activities, and strategies. In this context, BWD is organizing a workshop on “Women under Militarization”. On the first day, the women groups from India shared their experiences. The second day was about human/women’s rights violation committed by the Burmese military soldiers in the ethnic states.

(d) Meeting with Indian women groups
Since its inception, BWD have been building up its relation with the various Indian womens’ groups. BWD participated in many of the programmes conducted or organized by the Indian women groups participated in the meeting like Safe programs and Communalism Training organized by Jargori (an Indian women organization), Southeast Asian Women Day Ceremony, Environmental programme/Eco Festival organized by American Center etc.

After BWD wrote a letter about the suffering of a refugee woman who was raped in Government Hospital compound and the negligence of Social Legal Information Center unable to protect the victims after giving the report to the police, the Indian women groups organized a meeting between Burmese women and Social Legal Information Center.

(e) Working together with other women groups.
Burmese Women Delhi is working with Burmese women groups in International stop violence against women day and sixteen days activities every year by conducting programs and campaigning among the Burmese group.

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